A Pre-K – 9th public charter school authorized by JPPSS 

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Thank You for your interest in Kenner Discovery. We hope you are an educator and are considering a career at Kenner Discovery.

Kenner Discovery leaders realize our faculty is the essence and glue of our vision and mission. We aim to gather a diverse faculty of new and experienced educators that like to collaborate, problem solve, and reflect on teaching practices. Our faculty will help create our community of learners that extends to our students. Professional development will be ongoing and cutting-edge designed to keep you energized and involved. Kenner Discovery faculty will have a voice in the school and help build a new successful model of education open to all students of Jefferson Parish.

We are seeking a motivated and experienced team of teaching professionals who are committed to multiple years.  To that end, Kenner Discovery will offer benefits that will attract and retain highly qualified teachers.  Monetary incentives will be offered for leading in-school initiatives and for personal days that are not used by year’s end. Faculty family members will be given admissions preference to create a further sense of family and commitment to Kenner Discovery over years.  Thank you for considering joining our team!

Kenner Discovery is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or religious belief. 

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